To increase efficiency in sales, quotation management is a critical success factor for any company.

As a result, processing the content, the preparation process, and the management of quotations and contracts are essential components and success factors in the sales process.

RVAS’s quoting module is unique in that from one screen you can accomplish:

  • Generate from your database a highly accurate and fully customisable quote consisting of all labour items, subcontractors’ expenses and all available parts from your suppliers.
  • You can select predefined templates of labour and parts for a job
  • Management of several vehicles your customer has
  • Pictures relating to that claim
  • Send a completed quote direct to customers, warranty companies, insurance companies and trade customers. On top of this you can lodge claims directly in to PNET (Suncorp) and ARNIE (RACQ).
  • Convert a quote to invoice in 1 click! (Automatically uploaded to Xero at invoice stage)


Inventory management is an integral part of any successful business, serving to provide uninterrupted production, sales and/or customer service at a minimum cost.

As a result, the inventory management process consist of tight integration between current stock levels, purchase orders, back orders and accounts receivable.

Inventory Management:

  • Import and export your entire database to manage and manipulate stock in bulk
  • Search for and directly edit stock which updates the product both in RVAS and its ecommerce module.
  • Single click stocktake ability
  • Generate unique barcodes for your products, or import and use the barcode already supplied.
  • Cloud based, no ties to specific hardware for barcode scanners, printers, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Purchase Orders

  • Order products from the supplier with their product codes already loaded
  • Create orders for parts that aren’t in the inventory database.
  • Attach approvals and documentation directly to the purchase order
  • Email the supplier with your order directly from the system
  • Mange stock with predefined minimum and maximum stock levels
  • System alerts user when stock is near to end
  • System monitors backorders to prevent over ordering
  • Create notes about a customer or supply times directly on the order